Laurier Graduate Survey

Each year, the Career Centre conducts a survey of the graduating class to determine what our graduates do after leaving Laurier and to offer continued assistance to those who may still be seeking employment. We find that some of the most valuable information we can pass on to current students to assist them in their career planning comes from the results of this survey.

The data collected from the survey is used in a number of ways. A graduate survey report is prepared which identifies summary data on what activities our graduates have pursued as well as on average salaries by career choice and by discipline of study. It may also include actual job titles and employer names. If you have requested that this information not be released (see “Disclosure” section of survey), we will certainly comply with your request.

We very much appreciate your assistance in providing this information.

* The data collected from the survey will be kept in a locked office in the Career Centre and will only be accessed by the staff members who conduct the data analysis. After the data has been entered electronically, the questionnaires will be destroyed. Electronic records are kept secure within the University. All information related to your personal identity will remain strictly confidential within the University. Your name would only be released externally following contact for your consent.

* If you have questions at any time about the graduate survey, please contact the Career Centre.

Click here for an example of how we summarize the survey data.

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Graduate Survey

1. I agree to participate in this survey as per the information above:
2. Graduation Year:
3. Name (First and Last):
4. Student Number:
5. Are you:
Pursuing Further Education
Looking for Employment

If you are employed, please answer questions 6-10.
If you are pursuing further education, please answer questions 11-13.

Please complete questions 6-10 if you are employed.

6. Are you employed?:
7. Job Title:
8. Organization:
9. Location:
10. Salary (for use by the Career Centre only):
Please complete questions 11-13 if you are pursuing further education.

11. Further Education Institution:
12. Type of Degree/Diploma:
College Diploma
University Diploma
Doctor (MD, Chiropractic, Naturopathic, etc.)
13. Further Education Discipline:
14. During your academic terms at Laurier, were you ever employed?:
Yes - Part-time, On Campus
Yes - Part-time, Off Campus
Yes - Full-time
15. Did you use the services at the Career Centre while you were a student?:
16. If you used the services at the Career Centre, which ones did you use?:
Job Postings


17. I authorize this information (excluding salary, if applicable) to be released within the Laurier community as follows:
with my name
without my name
not at all

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