Special Events

Career Panels and Networking Events

We welcome numerous professionals – many of them Laurier alumni – to the Career Centre each year to speak at career-related events. We ask our guests to share career information and advice with students. By attending these sessions, you will:

  • Learn more about a potential career path of interest to you (e.g., job responsibilities; work culture; skills, personality and interests required to succeed; future trends)
  • Learn about career options you may not have previously considered
  • Build your professional network and open up future opportunities to connect (networking is critical when career planning or job searching!)

Examples of sessions we have hosted in the past:

  • Careers in Human Resources
  • Careers in Sales
  • Careers in Social Change
  • Careers for Students in Communication Studies, Contemporary Studies, English, Geography, Journalism, Leadership, Psychology, Sociology etc.

Check the event calendar (Waterloo Calendar; Brantford Calendar) for scheduled sessions.

If you have an idea for a career event relating to a specific academic discipline or industry, feel free to contact us: careercentre@wlu.ca or careerbrantford@wlu.ca.


Each year, in conjunction with the University of Waterloo, University of Guelph and Conestoga College, the Laurier Career Centre hosts the Job Fair and the Career Fair for our students and alumni. These Fairs are consistently the largest in the country!

Job Fair, held each February, has participating organizations recruiting for full-time, contract, summer, co-op and part-time job openings. The importance of attending Job Fair cannot be overstated. It provides students and alumni with the chance to network with potential employers to learn more about their organizations and to apply for jobs on-site.

Career Fair, held each September, is an excellent opportunity to network with potential employers and learn more about their organizations, careers and potential employment opportunities.

Learn more about Job Fair and Career Fair at www.partners4employment.ca.


The Graduate and Professional Education Fair (Brantford, Waterloo) is held in October, bringing together representatives from between 30 and 70 educational institutions. If you are considering further education (including teacher education, law, rehabilitation sciences, etc.), this is a valuable opportunity to learn about admission requirements and application procedures for a range of graduate and post-degree college programs.


The On-Campus Student Employment and Volunteer Fair (Brantford, Waterloo) is held in January at the Brantford campus and in February at the Waterloo campus. Learn about a variety of convenient on-campus positions, both paid and unpaid, that will be available during the following summer and academic year.


Careers in Criminology Fair (Brantford): The Criminology Faculty, Criminology Students' Association and the Career Centre partner to provide career information specific to the area of Criminology. Students connect with professionals working in various fields related to Criminology such as policing, probation and parole, law and others. Students from all programs are welcome to attend!


Get Experience Week (Brantford): Tired of hearing "You need experience to get a job" but you can't get experience because no one will hire you? Think again! There are a number of different ways to get experience while you are still a student. Find out during Laurier Brantford's Annual, "Get Experience" Week in January!


Check the event calendar (Waterloo Calendar; Brantford Calendar) for current dates and details.

We are committed to providing inclusive programs and services to all students and alumni.
Please contact us if you require accommodation for a disability.

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