"The job notices have been very helpful as it allows me to get a preview of the jobs that are being posted on Navigator so I don't have to keep looking everyday. It's sort of like my own personal recruiter and I'm able to learn about different companies and jobs, so bring on the emails!

Danousha Appadu   BA Economics and Accounting 2018
"I really think the Alumni Employment Service is excellent. The service has helped me so much in terms of finding a job and learning about what opportunities are out there!"

Christina Rodenburg   BSc Health Sciences 2017
"I am generally impressed by the frequency and quality of the postings received through the Alumni Employment Service. As an alumnus, I really value this resource."

Sean Patterson   BBA 2014

"I applied to positions as a result of postings received through the Alumni Employment Service (AES) and also secured interviews. In fact my last position was secured as a result of a job notification through AES. AES has been a very effective service and I hope to achieve similar results as I did when previously registered."

Rahul Soi   BBA 2015

 "I got the job! I am very excited!! Thanks so much for all of your help. If it wasn't for you pushing me beyond my comfort zone to start networking and advance to the next level, I don't think this would have happened. I really appreciate your encouragement."
Jennifer Bieri  BBA  2011

"I have applied to multiple positions as a result of being notified through AES and received a few interviews.  As an AES registrant, I was able to learn about new companies I had not known about in the past, which also allowed me to apply for different positions offered by those companies. I found receiving the job notices via e-mail to be extremely convenient and time saving."
Eric Chelmin Shin   HBA  Economics and Financial Management  2014

"I have appreciated your emails for the past 6 months and have benefited from this program in many ways. I did not secure employment through the Service. However, I would like to thank you very much for your never-ending supply of job opportunities as this allowed me not to have to worry about checking Navigator for jobs myself."

Brian Rusciolelli   HBA Geography 2011

 "Thank you so much for all your effort in helping me! And, taking the time to send me all the job postings! I am very thankful to you!"

Rasneet Sethi   BA Economics 2013

"Thank you for the email blasts over the previous month. They are a wonderful idea and really helped ease the job search process."

Andrew McCaugherty    BBA  2014

"Thank you so much for all your help as I might not have found this job without you. I wanted to thank everyone at the career centre in general because everyone has been so fantastic in helping me both in the short term with employment and the long term for my career plans and goals."

Melanie Silver   HBA 2012 Near Eastern and Classical Archaeology

"I just wanted to let you know that I turned an AES job posting notice into my dream job and secured a sales and trading position within the finance industry. Thank you for the service you work hard to provide."

Mike Paluzzi   BBA 2013

"Thank you very much for all of the job postings you have forwarded to me over the past six months. I applied to several jobs as a result of AES notifications, received interviews with 3-4 companies and was extended a job offer as well. Although the position I accepted was with a former employer, the Alumni Employment Service (AES) was a very useful job search resource. If I am in the position of looking for jobs in the future, I would most certainly use AES again."

Catherine Sukkau   HBA English 2013, BBA 2010

"Thank you for sending these emails, they are extremely helpful! I was fortunate enough to get interviews from 5 different companies you sent out in June. I found they catered to exactly what I was looking for, and made my job search much easier.  I recently accepted a position with an insurance firm as a result."

Kurtis Robbins  BBA 2013

"I highly believe the AES is very helpful for students looking for a job as it alleviates the stress of finding jobs through search engines."

Sonya Saini   HBA Criminology 2011



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