Graduating Student Employment Service (GSES)

The Career Development Centre offers the Graduating Student Employment Service (GSES). GSES attracts top employers in diverse sectors who are recruiting final-year students for positions available upon graduation.

GSES launches every September and continues through to the following June. Employers begin posting jobs early in September for positions that start the following year.

Employers begin recruiting during the first week of classes in September!

Do I need to register for the GSES program?
No, students in their final year of study are automatically registered in the GSES program by late August. You will know that you have been successfully registered because you will see a new position type search option in Navigator called ‘Graduating Student Employment’. You will also start to receive the GSES newsletter by email early in September. Contact the Career Centre if you are concerned that you have not been registered properly.

How to make the most of GSES?

  • Attend a Graduating Student Employment Service Orientation Session. Be prepared - learn how to take full advantage of this program! Sessions are held each September - register in the Event Calendar in Navigator.
  • Attend employer recruiting sessions held prior to their job application deadlines, as employers view these networking opportunities as part of their hiring process (you will need to register for these sessions in the Event Calendar in Navigator).
  • Check Navigator, the Career Centre’s online portal, frequently for updated recruiting information including job postings, employer recruiting sessions and interview schedules.
  • Attend a Career Planning workshop (if you are uncertain of your career goals or would like to learn how to research careers) and Employment Preparation workshops (to develop resumés, cover letters and electronic applications and to prepare for interviews).
  • Prepare for and attend Career Fair on September 30, 2015 and Job Fair on February 3, 2016 – two of the largest recruiting events of their kind in Canada, attracting hundreds of employers to each event


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