English - A Career Overview

It is important to understand that employers hire people, not degrees. The skills and knowledge you develop as a result of your education, as well as in your work and community activities, have the greatest impact on hiring decisions. Listed below are some specific knowledge and transferable skills you will acquire as a result of your university education and your focus on English.

Specific Knowledge Skills

  • Awareness of the appropriate use and understanding of language to communicate ideas/information
  • The ability to ensure grammatical accuracy, conciseness and clarity of written information
  • Skills in analyzing, interpreting, reorganizing and rephrasing written materials and information
  • An awareness of how to use language/literature to influence and communicate ideas effectively
  • Knowledge of how language/literature shapes and reflects different cultures, societies and time periods
  • An awareness of and the ability to articulate and communicate the major themes of human experience
  • The ability to comprehend information in the context of presentation, audience, time, place and purpose
  • Knowledge of a range of genres, authors and periods of literature and history
  • An understanding of social, cultural, political and historical perspectives of communication/literature
  • The ability to determine/uncover and interpret meaning in language and literature
  • The ability to perceive subtle concepts and ideas; appreciation of word/phrase connotations

Valuable Transferable Skills

Information-gathering and Communication Skills

  • The skills required to identify and access a wide range of relevant information and resources
  • The ability to compile and organize facts and information and to comprehend and apply new and/or unfamiliar information to different situations and settings
  • Skills in preparing interesting, creative and informative presentations which target diverse audiences
  • The ability to develop attractive/effective reports, presentations and materials using current technology

Thinking, Planning and Organizational Skills

  • The ability to learn, understand and interpret information and apply knowledge to new situations
  • The ability to set priorities, meet deadlines and effectively plan/manage time, data and resources
  • Problem-solving skills and the ability to make well-reasoned decisions, think creatively and search for, identify and consider all sides of an issue
  • Skills to effectively analyze and interpret a wide range of information and data to discuss, support and/or reject ideas, opinions, reports, theories and proposals

Teamwork and Management Skills

  • Skills enabling you to work effectively as part of a team by identifying your role and contributing, through leading, teaching, motivating and/or encouraging others, to the success of the team
  • An understanding of how to successfully identify, plan and contribute to the goals of a project
  • The ability to oversee, supervise and/or contribute to a project from beginning to end including determining outcomes, planning details, making decisions, assigning roles and completing task

Career Options (Samples Only. Additional education, training or experience may be required.)

Advertising Agent
Assistant Theatre Director
Circulation Assistant
Communications Officer
Copy Writer
Copy Editor
Costume Designer
Court Reporter/Writer
Editor/Editorial Assistant
ESL Instructor
Event Planner
Grant Writer/Administrator
Greeting Card Writer
Lighting Designer
Literacy Program Co-ordinator
Manuscript Reader
Professional Tutor
Program/Group Facilitator
Project Co-ordinator
Proof Reader/Reviser
Public Relations Professional
Research Analyst/Assistant
Scene Designer
Sound Designer
Speech Writer
Stage Manager
Technical Writer
Trade Show Supervisor
Video Producer
Volunteer Co-ordinator

If you are interested in combining your historical and theoretical background in Film Studies with further studies in the area of Film Production, you may wish to explore the following careers:

Accounts Trainee
Bookstore Manager
Community Affairs Co-ordinator
Corporate Communications
Corporate Trainer
Customer Service
Financial Advisor
Human Resources
Insurance Agent
Insurance Underwriter
Job Analyst
Junior Buyer
Market Research Analyst
Mortgage/Loan Officer
Promotions/Marketing Assistant
Properties Manager
Public Affairs/Information Officer

If you are interested in exploring a career which combines your Film Studies major with another area of study, you may wish to explore the following job areas/careers in Education, Business or Government:

Account Director
Art Conservator
Art Dealer
Art/Book Critic
College Instructor
Counsellor/Social Worker
Creative Director
Desktop Publisher
Educational Affairs Supervisor
Elementary/High School
Entertainment Agent
Journal Editor
Literary Agent
Management Consultant
Performing Arts Instructor
Performing Arts Publicist
Press Agent
Production Manager
Public Administrator
Public Speaking Consultant
Research Director
Speech Language Pathologist
Theatre Director
University Professor

If you are interested in exploring a career outside your area of study, you may wish to explore the following job areas in Education, such as:

Academic Advisor
Alumni Relations Officer
International Student Advisor
Public Educator
Recreation Director

Potential Employers

Advertising Agencies
Banks/Financial Businesses
Business & Professional
Documentation Companies
Educational Institutions
Law Firms
Media Organizations
Medical Institutions
Non-Profit Organizations
Pharmaceutical Companies
Political Parties
Private Consulting Firms
Public Relations Firms
Public Service Agencies
Publishing Companies
Research/Marketing Firms
Telecommunications Firms


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Editors’ Association of Canada editors.ca
Canadian Public Relations Society cprs.ca
Canadian Association of Journalists caj.ca
International Association of Business Communicators iabc.com and iabcwaterloo.com
Society for Technical Communication stc.org
Association of Canadian Publishers publishers.ca
Professional Writers Association of Canada pwac.ca
Canadian Library Association www.cla.ca
Association of Canadian Archivists archivists.ca
Arts Alive artsalive.ca
Theatre Ontario theatreontario.org
Cultural Careers Council Ontario workinculture.ca
Canadian Council for the Arts canadacouncil.ca
Canadian Heritage Information Network chin.gc.ca
Canadian Radio-TV and Telecommunications Commission crtc.gc.ca
Telefilm Canada telefilm.ca
Cultural Human Resources Council culturalhrc.ca

Are you interested in learning first hand about the careers our alumni have successfully pursued? Connect with Laurier alumni through the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) program. Participating alumni represent a variety of disciplines, careers and industries.

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