Photonics - A Career Overview

It is important to understand that employers hire people, not degrees. The skills and knowledge you develop as a result of your education, as well as in your work and community activities, have the greatest impact on hiring decisions. Listed below are some specific knowledge and transferable skills you will acquire as a result of your university education and your focus on Photonics.

Specific Knowledge Skills

  • The ability to use photonics (light and other forms of radiant energy) to manipulate, create and send messages, images, data and information
  • The knowledge of how to use photonics to transmit, transfer, amplify, deflect and detect information
  • The skills to effectively generate, sort and store information using light (photonics)
  • The ability to develop, enhance and understand communication networks and technologies
  • An understanding of the way in which matter (energy) behaves and the application of this information to science, medical research and technology, communications, media and business
  • The knowledge of how to create materials, devices and systems to control matter at an atomic level
  • An understanding of the applications of photonics to the development of commercial products

Valuable Transferable Skills

Information-gathering and Communication Skills

  • The skills required to identify and access a wide range of relevant information and resources
  • The ability to compile and organize facts and information and to comprehend and apply new and/or unfamiliar information to different situations and settings
  • Skills in preparing interesting, creative and informative presentations which target diverse audiences
  • The ability to develop attractive/effective reports, presentations and materials using current technology

Thinking, Planning and Organizational Skills

  • The ability to learn, understand and interpret information and apply knowledge to new situations
  • The ability to set priorities, meet deadlines and effectively plan/manage time, data and resources
  • Problem-solving skills and the ability to make well-reasoned decisions, think creatively and search for, identify and consider all sides of an issue
  • Skills to effectively analyze and interpret a wide range of information and data to discuss, support and/or reject ideas, opinions, reports, theories and proposals

Teamwork and Management Skills

  • Skills enabling you to work effectively as part of a team by identifying your role and contributing, through leading, teaching, motivating and/or encouraging others, to the success of the team
  • An understanding of how to successfully identify, plan and contribute to the goals of a project
  • The ability to oversee, supervise and/or contribute to a project from beginning to end including determining outcomes, planning details, making decisions, assigning roles and completing task

Career Options (Samples Only. Additional education, training or experience may be required.)

Aerospace Technician
Automation Technician
Broadcast Technician
Business Development Manager
Camera Systems Developer
Clean Room Specialist
Computer Hardware Developer
Development Technologist
Electromagnetic Technologist
Electronic Chip Developer
Electronics Assembler
Fiber Optic Engineering
Forensic Scientist/Analyst
Imaging Systems Engineer
Imaging Technologist
Infrared Program Officer
Investment Analyst
Laser Application Specialist
Laser Manufacturing Technician
Lens Designer
Light Show Developer
Lighting Technologist
Manufacturing Developer
Manufacturing Representative
Manufacturing Technologist
Medical Diagnostician
Medical Equipment Design
Metrology Engineering
Network Installer
Optical (Test) Engineering
Optical Diagnostician
Optical Fibre Writing Operator
PLC Programmer
Procurement and Purchasing
Product Design Manager
Product Development Manager
Production Planning Co-
Prototype Designer
Quality Control Supervisor
Research Development
Research Technologist
Sales Manager
Security System Developer
Semi-Conductor Engineering
Solar Energy Designer
Staff Scientist/Researcher
Technologies Researcher
Telecommunications Manager
Telecommunications Technician
Telescope Optics Developer
Ultrasound Technician

Potential Employers

Computer Developments
Educational Institutions
Engineering Firms
Fiber Optics Companies
Imaging/Display Companies
Laser Technology Developers
Medical Research/Hospitals
Research Organizations
Technology Businesses
Utilities Industry/Manufacturing


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