Teacher Education - A Career Overview

It is important to understand that employers hire people, not degrees. The skills and knowledge you develop as a result of your education, as well as in your work and community activities, have the greatest impact on hiring decisions. Listed below are some specific knowledge and transferable skills you will acquire as a result of your university education and your focus on Teacher Education..

Specific Knowledge Skills

  • Knowledge of and preparedness to teach the Ministry of Education curriculum for Ontario
  • Ability to use instruction and assessment practices that reflect current research on the process of learning
  • Skills to act collaboratively with educational colleagues to improve student learning and school practices
  • Ability to use evidence to make decisions related to continually improving the learning of students, your teaching practice and your school
  • Awareness of learning and other disabilities as well as psycho-social concerns of children
  • Knowledge of procedures, policies and regulations of a school board or educational institution
  • Ability to develop learning materials, plan lessons, create instructional presentations and communicate within an educational environment
  • Capability to deal effectively with children and adults, resolve or mediate conflicts and promote healthy relationships
  • Ability to conceptualize, conduct and facilitate group dynamics
  • Ability to instruct and explain ideas clearly with alignment to learning objectives
  • Knowledge of classroom management, management of individual student behaviour and discipline skills
  • Ability to support a reflective inquiry approach to issues in teaching and the learning experience
  • Ability to clearly explain concepts in a variety of ways, ability to adapt learning presentations and materials to individual needs, ability to lead a group of people to accomplish a predetermined goal

Valuable Transferable Skills

Information-gathering and Communication Skills

  • The skills required to identify and access a wide range of relevant information and resources
  • The ability to compile and organize facts and information and to comprehend and apply new and/or unfamiliar information to different situations and settings
  • Skills in preparing interesting, creative and informative presentations which target diverse audiences
  • The ability to develop effective reports, presentations and materials using current technology

Thinking, Planning and Organizational Skills

  • The ability to learn, understand and interpret information and apply knowledge to new situations
  • The ability to set priorities, meet deadlines and effectively plan/manage time, data and resources
  • Problem-solving skills and the ability to make well-reasoned decisions, think creatively and search for, identify and consider all sides of an issue
  • Skills to effectively analyze and interpret a wide range of information and data to discuss, support and/or reject ideas, opinions, reports, theories and proposals

Teamwork and Management Skills

  • Skills enabling you to work effectively as part of a team by identifying your role and contributing, through leading, teaching, motivating and/or encouraging others, to the success of the team
  • An understanding of how to successfully identify, plan and contribute to the goals of a project
  • The ability to oversee, supervise and/or contribute to a project from beginning to end including determining outcomes, planning details, making decisions, assigning roles and completing task

Career Options (Samples Only. Additional education, training or experience may be required.)

Account Representative
Admissions Officer
Adult Education Teacher
After-School Program Manager
Alumni Office Co-ordinator
Athletic Coach
Call Centre Trainer
Camp Director/Administrator
Child Care Worker
College Instructor
Community Program Manager
Community Relations Specialist
Computer Programmer
Consumer Advocate
Continuing Education Teacher
Contract Administrator
Corporate Education Liaison
Corporate Trainer
Correctional Officer
Cruise Ship Education Director
Development Co-ordinator
Education Officer
Educational Counsellor
Educational Material Designer
Educational Program Director
Elementary School Teacher
Employment Counsellor
Environmental Educator
ESL Teacher
Event Planner
Guidance Counsellor
Health Promotion Educator
Human Resources Specialist
Human Rights Advocate
Immigration Agent
Informatics Specialist
Labour Relations Specialist
Literacy Specialist
Museum Education Specialist
Occasional Teacher
Parks and Recreation Director
Policy Analyst
Political Strategist
Project Manager
Public Administrator
Public Information Officer
Public Relations Specialist
Public Television Consultant
Publisher’s Representative
Recreational Planner
Resource Teacher
School Principal
Secondary School Teacher
Special Education Teacher
Speech Writer
Sports Program Supervisor
Supply Teacher
Technical Writer
Training Consultant
University Liaison Officer
Volunteer Co-ordinator

Potential Employers

Day Care Centres
Educational Institutions
Educational Publishers
Government Organizations
Health and Sports Organizations
Hospitality Industry
Human Resources Departments
Media Organizations
Non-Government Agencies
Non-Profit Organizations
Public and Private School Boards
Research Firms
Research Organizations
Social Services Agencies
Youth Organizations

Selected Teaching Resources and Websites

Teaching in Canada
Education Canada - educationcanada.com
Jobs in Education - jobsineducation.com
Apply to Education - applytoeducation.ca
Canadian Teachers’ Federation - www.ctf-fce.ca/
Ontario College of Teachers - oct.ca
Ontario Ministry of Education - edu.gov.on.ca
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada - aadnc-aandc.gc.ca

Teaching in Private Schools
Canadian Accredited Independent Schools - cais.ca
Independent Schools Network - learningtogive.org
The Association of Boarding Schools - schools.com
Network of International Christian Schools - nics.org

Teaching in the USA
Academic Employment Network - academploy.com
Peterson’s Guide to College Information - petersons.com
Council of the Great City Schools - cgcs.org
National Center for Educational Careers - usteach.com
Teach for America - teachforamerica.org
Visiting International Faculty Program - vifprogram.com

Teaching Overseas in International Schools
International Schools Services - www.iss.edu
Overseas Placement Services for Educators - uni.edu/placement/overseas
International Knowledge Networks - iteachnet.org
International Supply Teachers - teachersonthemove.com
The International Educator - tieonline.com
TeacherPort - teacherport.com
UTeach - uteachrecruitment.com

International Development Agencies (NGOs)
Canadian Council for International Co-operation - ccic.ca
Canadian Bureau for International Education - cbie.ca
Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada - www.acdi-cida.gc.ca

General Information Sites for Overseas Teaching
WorldTeach - worldteach.org
Overseas Jobs Express - overseasjobs.com
Teaching Jobs Overseas - joyjobs.com
My World Abroad - myworldabroad.com/wlu

Teaching English as a Second Language
Maple Bear Global School Ltd. - mablebear.ca
TESL Canada - tesl.ca
TESOL International Association - tesol.org

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