Ranking Candidates on Navigator

Employers who interview during the primary interview period rank their candidates, and students rank employers. If you interview co-op students during the primary interview period, you will use Navigator to submit your rankings online.

Please submit your rankings by 9 p.m. on the final day of the primary interview period.

Once you have conducted interviews, please do not contact your applicants until we have communicated the results of the match to you.

How the Ranking and Matching Process Works

  1. You provide us with your rankings online, according to our advertised deadline (if you miss the deadline, we will inform students that rankings are not available for your position.)
  2. Students rank the positions for which they have been interviewed, according to our advertised deadline.
  3.   Employer and student rankings are combined to produce a sum, or total score, for each combination.
  4.  Students are matched with employers sequentially, based on total scores and the principle of “low score wins.” Total scores of two are linked, followed by total scores of three, then four, and five, and so on, until all possible combinations have been exhausted. Ties begin to occur at total scores of three, and are broken randomly.
  5.  A match at 1-1 occurs when:
Employer #   Student #   Total Score
ABC Corp. ranks Jane Doe 1 + Jane Doe ranks ABC Corp. 1 = 2

The lowest possible total score is two. There are no ties at this level, as you have only one first-choice per position, and students may rank only one employer as their first choice.

By ranking a student #1, you are extending an offer of employment to him or her. The student accepts the offer by ranking your position #1, which results in an automatic match.

 Once students and employers matched at total scores of two have been eliminated, Navigator links all combinations with total scores of three. Scores of three can result from either of the following combinations:

Employer #   Student #   Total Score
Oak Ltd. ranks Lana Yu 1 + Lana Yu ranks Oak Ltd. 2 = 3
Oak Ltd. ranks Eric Smith 2 + Eric Smith ranks Oak Ltd. 1 = 3

Ties will be broken randomly by program.

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