Performance Evaluation Form

Performance Evaluation Form

In the last month of each work term, you will receive a link to an online performance evaluation form for each of the co-op students you employ. When possible, please review your evaluation with students before they return to campus. 

The performance criteria you will be asked to evaluate are:

Approach to Work Attendance and punctuality
Enthusiasm for work
Compliance with policies
Interpersonal Relations Relations with others
Listening skills
Sharing information
Customer or client service
Communication Skills Verbal skills
Writing skills
Presentation skills
Reasoning Analytical skills
Investigative ability
Problem solving
Level of Maturity Judgement
Conflict resolution
Acceptance of criticism
Quantity and Quality of Work Accuracy
Innovation and creative thinking
Job knowledge
Organization and planning
Technical skills (lab, computing)
Meeting deadlines
Overall performance  

Additional information:

  • The student's primary assignments and projects
  • Other skills or qualities required for this position (examples: empathy, teaching, leadership)
  • The student's significant strengths and weaknesses
Performance Rating Key
Excellent Consistently exceeds my expectations for performance
Very Good Often exceeds my expectations for performance
Good Sometimes exceeds my expectations
Satisfactory Meets my expectations
Needs Improvement Needs to improve performance
Unsatisfactory Does not meet my expectations for performance
Not Applicable Not required by the position
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