Arts Co-op

The Faculty of Arts is an intriguing and balanced mixture of traditional liberal arts departments and innovative interdisciplinary programs. A hallmark of the faculty is its emphasis on both research and solid disciplinary training, while encouraging innovations in interdisciplinary programming and projects.

Arts Co-op Majors:

Students often take the majors below in combination with a second major, such as Anthropology, Cultural Studies or Women & Gender Studies. Arts co-op is available to honours students in the following majors:

* Geography available as both a BA and a BSc

Arts co-op work/study sequence
Arts co-op students complete two work terms of four months each in the summer following their second and third years of study.

Employer Testimonial

"As a non-profit organization, we don’t have a big budget. Laurier co-op students have the skills to design programs and develop curriculum quickly. One student’s research into social enterprise was of such high quality that questionnaires, tracking and methodology were used as part of the pilot project for seven locations."
Carol Risidore
The Literacy Group of Waterloo Region, Waterloo

Student Testimonial

"Co-op gave me the opportunity to work on projects and assignments that are in my field of study. Since returning to the classroom, I have been able to apply the problem-solving and critical thinking skills I gained as a Student GIS Technician with the Resgion of Waterloo. The work term confirmed my desire to continue studying geography and to pursue a job in my field once I graduate."
Brayden Libawski, Geography, Class of 2015

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