Business and Economics Co-op

The deadline for applying to co-op in 2015 for Honours BBA and Economics students has now passed.  

(If you are in Arts or Science, please follow this link.)

The application deadline is Monday of the second week of classes in a student’s second year. 

  • Applicants who meet the grade requirements for 2015 will be invited to schedule and attend an admission interview. Follow this link for information about the minimum GPA.
  • When making admission decisions, co-op co-ordinators consider applicants’ first-year marks, recent work experience, recent volunteer and extracurricular activities, and performance in an interview.  See the introductory statement for more information about evaluation criteria.
  • Enrolment is limited; there are always many more applicants interviewed than there are spaces for co-op students. (For example, we received applications from 700 Business and Economics students in 2014 and offered admission to 380 students.)
  • The only entry point for co-op is at the beginning of second year. Students who are removed from their academic program are not eligible to continue in co-op, even if they are later reinstated into that program.

Business and Economics Co-op

  • Business and Economics students may view a webinar with guidelines on applying to co-op.
  • The minimum overall first year GPA is 8.3 out of 12 for students applying for admission to Business and Economics Co-op in 2015. Students must achieve the overall GPA requirement by the application deadline. (In 2014, the actual average GPA of all students admitted to Business and Economics Co-op was 9.91.)
  • We begin interviewing candidates in early September. The deadline for eligible students to schedule interviews for admission to Business and Economics Co-op is Thursday, September 24 in 2015. Please note, we cannot guarantee the availability of interview time slots for students who delay scheduling until the deadline.
  • Candidates from Business and Economics will learn whether they are being offered admission to the Co-op Option on Friday, October 2, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. The deadline for accepting the offer of admission is Monday, October 5, 2015.

International students:

Students on study permits may apply to and be admitted into co-op programs at Laurier. Please note, however, that we may limit the number of spaces available to international students.

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