Enrolling in double degree co-op

Students in Business and Financial Mathematics or Business and Computing at Laurier who are registered in second year as of September are offered automatic entry to co-op, and may enrol online until the second Monday of classes in September.

Participation in co-op is compulsory for students in the double degree programs where students take business at Laurier and math or computer science at the University of Waterloo.

The only entry point for co-op is at the beginning of second year. Students who withdraw or are removed from their academic program are not eligible to continue in co-op, even if they are later reinstated into that program. Exemption: Double degree students who have completed at least one work term may transfer to a single degree co-op program if their overall first-year GPA met the minimum set by the Co-op Office that year.

Follow this link to Navigator to reach the login screen. Your Laurier student ID is your login and your password is your LORIS password. (The application deadline is Monday of the second week of classes in a student’s second year.)

  1. After logging in and accessing your home page on Navigator, click on "Co-op" button which is located on the red bar at the top of the page. You will reach the co-op application page where you choose the co-op program to which you wish to apply.
  2. Choose “Submit Application”; you may verify your submission by logging back in and confirming that your information has been saved. You will also receive an email to your Laurier account, confirming your application has been received.
  3. Please contact us at 519.884.0710 ext. 4484 if you need to revise your application due to changing your program.

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