Troubleshooting Navigator

If you have problems reaching our Navigator system (once the application process has begun in March) please check that you follow a link to the correct site. The URL is

When going to Navigator from a link, you may need to either:

  • right-click on the link and select "Open in a New Window"
    - or -
  • copy the URL and paste it into a new window.

More instructions on using Navigator:

  • Your login is your Laurier student ID number.
  • Please ensure that your home address and phone number are recorded in LORIS, as otherwise you will not be able to log into Navigator.
  • Your password is your LORIS Personal Identification Number (PIN.)
  • The PIN must be numeric and exactly six characters in length. (If your LORIS password is seven digits, please just use the first six digits in Navigator.)

If you still can’t reach the site, please call send an email and or call 519.884.0710 extension 4484 and give us the following information:

  • Whether you see the link to co-op after you have logged in.
  • What message you receive after you click on the co-op link.
  • What browser you are using. (Examples: Mozilla Firefox; Internet Explorer.)
  • Whether your computer is a PC or a MAC.
  • What operating system you are using. (Examples: Mac OS X; Microsoft Windows; Linux)

Thank you for your patience.

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