Co-op Students Advisory Council

2016-17 Co-op Student Advisory Council (CSAC). 

CSAC acts as a liaison between the Co-op Administration and Co-op students. They listen to your suggestions, act as mentors and ambassadors, and undertake special projects and new initiatives for co-op.
As part of their mentoring initiative, CSAC recently organized several “fireside chats” for second year students.  We welcome new students to contact any of the members as you navigate through your career and the co-op program.  Council members contact information and interests are noted below.  In addition, if you are interested in speaking with any of last week’s panelists, please contact co-chairs, Peter Freiwah and Rushabh Shah.
Peter Freiwah, 3rd Yr BBA (Govt/Finance),
Rushabh Shah, 3rd Yr BBA (Govt/Strategy),
Jake Crews, 4th Yr BBA (Govt/CPG/Finance),
Harrison Gibson, 3rd Yr BBA (CPA/Finance),
Claire Gordon, 3rd Yr BBA (Finance),
Mia Mihajlovic, 3rd Yr BBA (Insurance/CPG),
Lily Mikelsons  3rd Yr BBA (Human Resources),
Eric Molinaro, 3rd Yr BBA (CPA)
Heather Tunks, 4th Year Science, Kinesiology,
Jiayi Zheng, 3rd Yr BBA/Comp (Insurance/Finance),
Note:  If you are in 3rd or 4th Year co-op and interested in getting involved with CSAC, we are still seeking representation from Arts, Bus/Math Double Degree and Economics.
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