Testimonials from Business, Economics and Double Degree Co-op Students

"Working at Desire2Learn has opened my eyes to the different functional areas within organizations and being in co-op has confirmed my desire to pursue a career in finance.”
Michael Zandbergen, Business and Financial Mathematics, Class of 2016

"Co-op is an outstanding experience. I have made valuable connections, reconsidered my career goals and gained education and skills beyond the classroom in just one work term at Validus Research Inc."
George Lifchits, Business Administration and Computing, Class of 2015

"Through co-op, I have been able to experience business-to-business marketing. In my first work term, I became skilled at using graphic design software and began learning HTML coding and movie editing, and I will get to explore other types of work before choosing a career path."
Klara Raic, Business Administration, Class of 2014

"After completing three co-op work terms, I believe that co-op should continue to be an integral part of the Business and Financial Mathematics double degree program. Students get the opportunity to apply what they learned in class to a real business setting. Performing financial analysis for a manufacturing firm and assessing investment risk for an insurance company allowed me to use the knowledge and skills I gained in business and mathematics. Co-op also gave me a chance to experience different corporate cultures and get a clearer idea of where I want to be after graduation."
Zackary Winkler, Business Administration and Financial Mathematics, Class of 2014

"Being in co-op helped me build my resume. I obtained jobs I would not have found on my own in a financial institution, a high-tech firm and provincial government."
Jason Roy, Business Administration, Class of 2013
"When I reflect upon my co-op experience I am overwhelmed by the benefits I've gained. Initially, I was apprehensive about the amount of time and effort I would have to put forth but the workload was manageable and I learned more than I could have imagined. My interpersonal skills have grown immensely and I have made connections that will undoubtedly add value to my future. I can honestly say that entering into the program was one of the wisest decisions of my university career."
Emily Ryder, Business Administration, Class of 2013

"The Business Administration and Computer Science program has supplied me with the capacity to develop technological solutions while maintaining an understanding of the associated business objectives. My work terms with Winners and GO Transit have allowed me to apply the principles taught in the classroom and obtain practical experience."
Megan Doner, Business Administration and Computer Science, Class of 2011

"The Business and Mathematics double degree program has given me an edge in attaining co-op jobs. During one term in an investment role at the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and two terms in corporate finance positions at Procter & Gamble, I have applied the leadership and teamwork skills I’ve gained from business courses, and the creative and analytical skills I’ve developed through mathematics courses."
Matthew Stein, Business Administration and Mathematics, Class of 2011

"My work term at Unilever expanded the industry knowledge I had gained in my terms at Johnson & Johnson and Smucker Foods, and deepened my understanding  of profit and loss statements.  The energy and environment in the workplace enhanced my experience, and I made connections and friends at all three companies."
Sarah Trieu, Business Administration, Class of 2013


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