Recruiting Dates

Follow this link for more detail on recruiting dates.

How to Recruit

Send a job description:

If you’d like to hire a co-op student, please send us a job description by the method you find most convenient:

Select candidates:

  • We will send you instructions by email on viewing applications and grades online using Navigator.
  • Once you’ve chosen candidates, let us know the date, location, start time and length of interviews. We’ll arrange the interviews and send you a schedule.
Interview and rank candidates:
  • Most interviews are held on campus, and we can provide lunch.
  • During the primary interview period, you will rank students, and they will rank you. By ranking students, you agree to hire the one with whom you are "matched." (If you interview during the primary interview period, please do not communicate with students between the interview and the match.) 
  • During the continuous employment period, we extend offers directly to students on behalf of employers. After interviewing, let us know which students you would agree to hire. We’ll let you know who accepts your offer.


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