Annotated Bibliography - Experiential Learning in Education

Identifies high impact practices/outcomes for EL in post-secondary.
Source: BCCAT, 2017
Format: 8 page pdf
Experiential Learning: What's missing in most change programs
This article outlines best practices and discusses problematic or sub-standard models of experiential learning.

Source: Benkert & Van Dam, 2015
Format: Web based article
Maximizing Experiential Learning for Student Success
With a focus on student success, this article looks at lessons learned by Elon University as they analyzed the impact of changes to their experiential learning requirements.
Source: Coker, Jeffrey Scott & Porter, Desiree Jasmine (Magazine of Higher Learning), 2015
Format: 8 page pdf
Principles of Good Practice for Service-Learning Pedagogy
This document outlines 10 pedagogical principles for faculty/Institutions to follow when implementing curricular EL
Source: Excerpted from Howard, Jeffrey, ed., Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning: Service-Learning Course Design Workbook, University of Michigan: OCSL Press, Summer 2001 pp. 16-19.
Format: 3 page PDF doc
An Educator's Toolkit for Experiential Learning
This document contains a helpful checklist for Placement Coordinators and Classroom Educators
Source: Workforce Windsor Essex, 2018
 Format: 16 page pdf document
Integrating Academic and Career Development: Strategies to Scale Experiential Learning and Reflection Across the Curriculum
This book presents 34 Best Practices to incorporate career exploration into academic curriculum
Source: EAB, 2017
Format: 94 page Ebook
A Handbook of Reflective and Experiential Learning Theory and Practice
This is an online experiential guidebook for teachers, lecturers or trainers
Source: Jennifer A. Moon
Format: Online book (Google Scholar)
This guidebook profiles 4 institutions with exemplary experiential learning programs and identifies their common practices.

Source: Hanover Research, 2015 
Format: 29 page pdf doc
Work-Integrated Learning and Postsecondary Graduates: The Perspective of Ontario Employers
Source: Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, 2012
Format: 96 page pdf
A Practical Guide for Work-Integrated Learning
Effective practices to enhance the educational quality of structured work experiences offered through colleges and universities
Source: Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, 2016
Format: 192 page pdf
Bringing Life to Learning at Ontario Universities
Student success stories and testimonials
Source: Ontario Universities, 2014
Format: 32 page pdf with lots of imagery
Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres: Response to Community-Connected Learning
Contains some recommendations for making EL inclusive of Indigenous student needs
Source: OFIFC, 2016
Format: 9 page pdf
Work-Integrated Learning: Good Practice Guide
A guide for university faculty which provides pedagogy, tools and recommendations for implementation of work integrated learning
Source: Council on Higher Education, 2011
Format: 92 pg pdf
Best Practices In Experiential Learning
This resource focuses on defining, measuring and assessing experiential learning practices. It is based on an IT workforce context.
Source: Voehl, 2018
Format: 9 page pdf
Experiential Learning Facilitator Notes
This handbook offers practical examples of experiential learning activities that can be used in educational settings, including ice breakers and  team building modules with facilitation and evaluation suggestions
Source: RSVP Design, 2015
Format: 34 page pdf
Discusses best practices for high impact internships
Source: Elon University, 2018
Format: Webpage with links
Faculty Experiences with and Perceptions of Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) in the Ontario Postsecondary Sector
 Source: Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, 2012
Format: 65 page pdf
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