Student Preparation

This section outlines the many ways in which Laurier prepares students for experiential learning in the non-profit sector.

Professionalism Training and Resources

Laurier recognizes the impact that student preparation can have on positive experiential learning outcomes. Students who understand themselves, the context of the workplace and the process of critical reflection are equipped to make the most out of any learning experience. 

As such, Laurier offers a number of opportunities for students to gain this preparation including:
  1. UU150, Foundations for Community Engagement and Service: This is a prerequisite for many courses in Laurier's Psychology department, which introduces students to core concepts, theories and competencies for effective community engagement and service. Topics include: ethical conduct, academic integrity, community service learning, civic engagement, career skills and professionalism.
  2. Community Service-Learning Student Handbook: This document provides students with a comprehensive checklist of course responsibilities and deadlines, instructions on signing up for placements, instructions for tracking attendance and safety and ethical considerations.
  3. Professionalism and Student Code of Conduct Training: Laurier's Community Service-Learning department provides in-class training for all students engaged in Community Service-Learning courses.
  4. Co-op Fundamentals Course: This required course for all students admitted into Co-op education focuses on skills such as résumé and cover letter development, interview preparation, personal branding and career types. The course helps students to prepare for their first work term and assists in establishing strategies for effective goal-setting and reflective practices.
  5. Career Centre Workplace Preparation Workshop: This workshop is offered on a regular basis to assist students in preparing for a workplace experience and understanding their responsibilities and expectations in a professional setting.
  6. Laurier's Experiential Certificate in the Social and Non-Profit Sector
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